Records Request Form

This form is used to process public record requests in accordance with ORS 192. Please provide as much information as possible in the description to assist Clean Water Services (District) in locating the documents you are requesting. The file/record search charge will be $45.00 per hour with a minimum of $10.00. Pre-payment is required if the fee will exceed $25.00.

Copy charges according to District's current Rates and Charges.

Copy Size Charge
8½ x 11 $0.25 per copy
11 x 17 $0.50 per copy
Large format greater than 11 x 17 $2.00 per copy
Color plotting of existing maps $7.50 per sheet
Customized mapping $45.00 per hour

You may also be billed for other personnel expenses necessary to respond to your request. District reserves the right to seek advice from legal counsel regarding this request, and any records deemed exempt will not be provided.

Include date, time period, names or key words to help narrow the search.