Clean Water Services Advisory Commission

Application for Appointment

The Clean Water Services Advisory Commission (CWAC) reviews and discusses major policy issues and programs and makes recommendations to the Clean Water Services Board of Directors. The Board is composed of the individuals elected to the Washington County Board of Commissioners. There are 15 Board-appointed members of CWAC who reflect a broad base of stakeholder interest.

CWAC terms are four years and meetings are generally held the second Wednesday of the month at the Clean Water Services Administration Building Complex at 2550 SW Hillsboro Highway, Hillsboro, OR, 97123.

By donating a modest amount of time to work in partnership with elected officials and staff people, a community member can add much to the character of Clean Water Services. The voice and viewpoint of a community member can be the turning point in many policy decisions.

Position for which you are applying

All District/Neighborhood applicants must reside or work in the district for which they are applying.

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Map of Washington County Commissioner Districts

Voluntary Demographic Information

Clean Water Services (CWS) is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion to ensure it is meeting the needs and considering the interests of all its ratepayers and stakeholders. Completing the demographic information on the application is voluntary, but it will help CWS track how well it is doing in recruiting a broad pool of diverse candidates and making sure CWAC reflects the community it serves. State and federal law prohibits the use of this information to discriminate.

To promote vibrant and multifaceted discussion, goals for composition of CWAC include a) diversity of viewpoints, b) demographic variety reflecting the diverse population of the CWS service territory, and c) members who have experience with or understand of the needs of historically underserved communities.

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Thank you for your willingness to serve on the Clean Water Services Advisory Commission. We appreciate your interest.

If not selected within one year of this date and you are still interested, you will need to reapply. For additional information, please visit