Open Solicitations
Title Type Opens Closes Status
ITB - Rock Creek Digester Complex Elevator Project No. 7050 Invitation To Bid 11/30/2022 12/21/2022 Open
Notice of Intent to Purchase through State of Oregon Price Agreement No. 1640 Request For Information 11/17/2022 11/29/2022 Results Posted
RSOQ - Request for Qualifications for Professional Price Agreements - Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering, and Control System Integrator Services Request For Proposal 10/24/2022 11/15/2022 Closed
ITB - Durham Chemical Building Roof and Durham O&M Shop Roof Replacement Project Nos. 7195 and 7196 Invitation To Bid 10/19/2022 11/9/2022 Results Posted
ITB - Rock Creek Recycled Water Pipeline Project No. 7112 Invitation To Bid 9/26/2022 11/8/2022 Results Posted
ITB-Durham AWWRF Grit System Rehabilitation Project No. 7071 Invitation To Bid 10/7/2022 10/27/2022 Results Posted
Purchase of an Applicant Portal and Implementation Services Request For Proposal 9/12/2022 10/17/2022 Results Posted
ITB - Purchase of HDPE Pipe for the Rock Creek Recycled Water Pipeline Project No. 7112 Invitation To Bid 10/3/2022 10/13/2022 Results Posted
ITB - Purchase of Liquid Ammonium Sulfate Invitation To Bid 9/22/2022 10/5/2022 Results Posted
Request for Statement of Qualifications - Professional Services Master Contracts for Utility Operations and Services Request For Proposal 9/7/2022 9/28/2022 Results Posted
ITB - Durham UFAT Expansion Project No. 6834 Invitation To Bid 8/24/2022 9/22/2022 Results Posted
ITB - Durham AWRRF Train 5 Phase 1 Landscape and Irrigation Project No. 7036.6757 Invitation To Bid 5/25/2022 6/22/2022 Results Posted